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Architecture means a lot to me, cause before I started my journey of it, you can use Japanese word “OTAKU” to describe my personality which is disparagement of people who have obsessive interests and always shut down public social. Architecture shows me a different way to communicate with other. 

American- British author Bill Bryson said that: “…we live in a universe whose age we can’t quite compute, surrounded by stars whose stances we don’t altogether know, filled with matter we can’t identify, operating in conformance with physical laws whose properties we don’t truly understand.” Makes me feel everyone like a snail lived in its own shell and take a furtive glance to outside world without realizing we will never understand it completely in this way.

This idea permeates into my design thinking of Architecture project. I start to push myself learn and think problems I had never notice about. From that, I finally can catch a hint of essence of the outside world. The composition of my projects is being showered clearly and all the contented basic elements can be recognized easily.

In a three-dimensional space, what we need to do is to design it; every detail tells stories; any slightly move symbolize literally; every sigle details need to be took into carefully and deeply consideration.



英國美裔作家Bill Bryson說道:“......我們生活在一個宇宙中,我們無法完全計算它的年齡,被我們并不完全知道的星星包圍,充滿了我們無法識別的物質,符合物理定律的屬性我們并不真正理解。”這讓我覺得每個人都像蝸牛一樣生活在自己的殼中,只是偷偷地瞥了一眼外面的世界,卻沒有意識到我們永遠不會以這種方式完全理解它。


在三維空間中,我們需要做的是設計; 因為每個細節都訴說著不同的故事; 任何略微移動都意義重大;每個細節都需要非常認真的考量。



吳佳穎 建筑設計

吳佳穎 建筑設計

吳佳穎 建筑設計

吳佳穎 建筑設計

吳佳穎 建筑設計